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The Rondeau: According to Harkness Gary J. Harkness Sr

The Rondeau: According to Harkness

Gary J. Harkness Sr

Published April 3rd 2006
ISBN : 9781413798722
64 pages
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 About the Book 

I was born in Spring Grove, Minnesota, in 1940. I graduated high school at Mindoro, Wisconsin, in 1959. I joined the military in 1960, and served sixteen years in the Army, with two tours in Vietnam. After the military, I worked as an certified maintenance technician. I worked for various management companies, for apartment care taking, where I worked up to supervisor in maintenance. I am now retired, and own an art gallery in Sparta, Wisconsin. I started writing poetry in 1974. I believe there is much to say or produce in story. I enjoy fiction and love to write short stories, and my poems were perfect, to tell in my words, excerpts about life. I also believe poetry expresses oneas feelings about as straightforward as can be recited. Poetry also opens up an entire new world of expression for me. I believe in this time period, as well as any other before us, we should always take time to see and understand what goes on around us. But most of all, enjoy life, for it is very delicate, and far too short to waste any living breath on the trivia that combats us every day of our lives.