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Iris and Walter, True Friends Elissa Haden Guest

Iris and Walter, True Friends

Elissa Haden Guest

Published March 1st 2002
ISBN : 9780152164485
44 pages
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 About the Book 

This is the story of friends Iris and Walter, and how they are able to each help the other with a problem. Haden-Guest’s early-reader is broken up into four chapters: two separate stories, each focusing on one of our character’s problems. In the first story Iris wants to befriend Rain, the horse, and is able to do so until Walter gently provides guidance on how to approach a shy animal. Walter doesn’t know what to do when his new teacher calls him by a nickname, rather than his preferred full name, until Iris gives him inspiration for the perfect solution. The text is of an ideal size for the beginning reader, and the writing is clear and succinct. At the same time the reader is allowed much room for imagination, especially through Davenier’s illustrations. Her gently-colored and pleasingly sketch-like quality of art take the story to a level beyond the written text, as readers are witness to the daily lives of Walter and Iris, both separate and together in friendship. This is an excellent choice for reading about the joy and value of friendship. (Note that this is book #2 in a series.) - Gr. K-2