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Recent Devs of Separation Sci Part a Li Bai

Recent Devs of Separation Sci Part a

Li Bai

Published November 1st 1977
ISBN : 9780849354816
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 About the Book 

Date of Birth: ca. 701 A.D.Date of Death: ca. 762 A.D.This is a Chinese name. The family name is Li.Li Bai (Li Pai- Chinese: 李白- pinyin: Lǐ Bái- Wade–Giles: Li Pai), also known as Li Bo (or Li Po- pinyin: Lǐ Bó- Wade–Giles: Li Po) was a Chinese poet. He was part of the group of Chinese scholars called the Eight Immortals of the Wine Cup in a poem by fellow poet Du Fu. Li Po is often regarded, along with Du Fu, as one of the two greatest poets in Chinas literary history. Approximately 1,100 of his poems remain today. The first translations in a Western language were published in 1862 by Marquis dHervey de Saint-Denys in his Poésies de lÉpoque des Thang. The English-speaking world was introduced to Li Pos works by a Herbert Allen Giles publication History of Chinese Literature (1901) and through the liberal, but poetically influential, translations of Japanese versions of his poems made by Ezra Pound.Li Po is best known for the extravagant imagination and striking Taoist imagery in his poetry, as well as for his great love for liquor. Like Du Fu, he spent much of his life travelling, although in his case it was because his wealth allowed him to, rather than because his poverty forced him. He is said, famously but untruly, to have drowned in the Yangtze River, having fallen from his boat while drunkenly trying to embrace the reflection of the moon.