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Love Uncommon

Erin Lausten

Kindle Edition
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 About the Book 

Theres a big difference in reading about history and actually living it. Those dresses, the mannerisms, the social mores - they all seem charming ... until you find yourself away from the trappings and conveniences of the 21st century. Then theyre annoying, confusing and sometimes a little scary.Lets hope, like Laura Bentancourt, you find a sexy Marquess to ease the pain a bit.In Erin Laustens fun, romantic novella, Laura discovers that academic knowledge varies greatly from that gathered in the field when she travels to England to finish research for her masters thesis in archaeology. She cant resist the allure of a centuries old church and stops inside to marvel at its historical significance.When she leaves, however, she finds she has somehow traveled back through time. Shes torn. As an archaeologist, shes thrilled. But as a modern-day woman ... not so much.I dont want to give away the entire story - I couldnt, in fact. Lausten has woven into a novella an intricate tale of romance, time travel and even (cleverly) the need for historical preservation.I had no idea what this story was about when I started reading- I thought it was a simple romance. So when Laura left the church and made her discovery, I have to say I was delighted at the quirky turn of events.When she meets the handsome Marquess, things just get better. And by the end of the story, Laura has some tough decisions to make. My only complaint? Her adventure ended too soon.