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My First Book of the Alphabet Gods Way-Board Book Linda Winder

My First Book of the Alphabet Gods Way-Board Book

Linda Winder

Kindle Edition
190 pages
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 About the Book 

Hugo, the Earl of Louth, has to marry and produce an heir. His best friend Alex has a young sister to settle so that her twin can be free to purchase a commission. So it seemed sensible for Hugo to propose to Lady Georgiana who, contemplating her alternatives, accepts him.However there was a problem, a big one. George has been brought up with Charlie, her twin, as a boy. Her uncaring parents have been too involved in their respective fashionable pursuits to worry about any of their children, especially their youngest two and consequently the twins have grown up wild and undisiplined.Alexs mother, the Countess of Yaxley, is only to happy to hand her daughter over to Almeria, Countess of Louth, to be groomed for her role as Hugos wife. All goes well and Georges beauty and spirit capture all who encounter her and confirm in Hugo that he has made the right choice.George is returned reluctantly to her mother and her poisonous older sister after a year to make her debut under their aegis. All does not go according to plan however and George finds herself a wounded animal, seeking sanctuary with the only person she fully trusts - her twin.Unfortunately Charlie is in Portugal but, nothing daunted, George sets off to join him. After an uncomfortable journey she finally locates her twin and settles down to contemplate her possible future, without a husband.Hugo knows he has to find her, get her back and marry her but a series of unforeseen incidents delay his search and when he finally does reach her he has Charlies protectiveness to overcome and Georges lack of trust. These are formidable obstacles indeed and it takes all of Hugos fortitude to eventually succeed.