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正しい恋の悩み方 Naho Watarumi


Naho Watarumi

199 pages
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 About the Book 

Awano and Ozaki have been friends since high school, and theyve been hanging out with the same guys for years. One night, Awano ends up staying the night at Ozakis place - theyre both drunk, and when Awano is half-asleep, he suddenly notices that Ozaki is kissing him. The next day, all he finds is a goodbye note from Ozaki saying he will never appear before him again. Awano is confused, but for a while it seems like Ozaki really has disappeared from his life completely...Well, it was okay. To be honest, parts of it were more than okay, but even though I felt sorry for both of them at some point, I never really connected to either of them. Ozaki especially felt strangely.... shapeless. And I know its BL, and I know that there actually was relatively little to complain about in that aspect, but if Im about to sleep with a guy and ask him whether hell stop if I dont like it and he says no, well. Lets just say that no sex would be about to happen.Some parts were really well done, though. I especially liked the awkward scene where theyre about to go from friends to lovers, it captured that feeling rather well.So yeah, it wasnt really bad, but it wasnt great either, so. 2.5 stars would reflect my feelings better..