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Earthbound Milton Lesser


Milton Lesser

Published December 14th 2013
Kindle Edition
148 pages
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 About the Book 

Well thunder off to Io,Out in the Jovian Moons.Well feast our eyes and seek the skiesAnd plunder Martian ruins!The Spacemans Chant turned from a spirited to a heartbreaking refrain when Cadet Peter Hodges learned that he would never be allowed to thunder off to Io.Bitter disappointment, to a youth whose father had been one of the first space captains, motivates this gripping tale of the future. Studded with detail of the spaceports, ships and men that handle interplanetary flight, Earthbound is the very human drama of a disillusioned cadet forced by circumstances to help plunder the very space liners he was trained to protect.How Pete Hodges became involved with interplanetary racketeers, his dramatic escape, his flight to the asteroids on a mission the authorities knew could not succed, is a finely wrought drama that only an author of Milton Lessers stature could write. Fired with suspense and action, this story of one young mans determination to face the speckled blackness of outer space is science fiction at its best!Milton Lesser was raised in Brooklyn and attended the College of William and Mary. After several years writing science fiction under his given name, including four books for the Winston Science Fiction series, he legally adopted the pen name Stephen Marlowe. He authored more than fifty novels, including nearly two dozen featuring globe-trotting private eye Chester Drum.