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The Polar Bear Express Debbie Dadey

The Polar Bear Express

Debbie Dadey

Published May 19th 2015
ISBN : 9781481402613
128 pages
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 About the Book 

A lost baby polar bear shares the spotlight with a popular boy band in this Mermaid Tales adventure.Kiki Coral is thrilled beyond words when she meets a brand-new friend: a baby polar bear! The problem is, the little bear, whose name is Nestor, has floated away from home on a patch of ice and now hes lost, hungry, and all alone!Kiki, Shelly, and Echo want to send Nestor back to his home on the Manta Ray Express, but a one-way ticket costs a whopping four jewels! Thats a fortune! Not to mention, all anyone at school can talk about is the Rays, who are performing a concert in Poseidon. Kiki loves the cute boy band as much as the next mergirl, but what about Nestor? Isnt saving him more important than a concert?Can Kiki and her friends find a fun way to send their new furry friend home-and hang out with the Rays in the process?