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The River Tay and Its People Graham Ogilvy

The River Tay and Its People

Graham Ogilvy

Published November 1st 1993
ISBN : 9781851584062
224 pages
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 About the Book 

From its source as a burn in the mountains of Argyllshire to its mighty estuary on the North Sea, the River Tay wends its way through some of Scotlands finest scenery. By the time it reaches the coast, 117 miles after leaving Loch Tay, it has become Britains greatest river, discharging a larger volume of water than the Thames and Severn basins combined. This book looks at the river through the eyes of those who live and work along its banks. As it flows through Highland Perthshire and cuts through fertile straths and valleys on its way, a memorable picture of Scotland in microcosm emerges. The lifestyle of the fishing ghillies and salmon netters is a far cry from that of the welders in Dundees oil-rig fabrication yards, so following the rivers course offers a unique and fascinating view of a much-loved countryside.