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Immortality Mark Mueller


Mark Mueller

Published June 27th 2014
ISBN : 9781499652819
238 pages
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 About the Book 

Kathy and Stuart Andros are a young New York City couple- she, a fashion buyer for a chic department store and he, an up and coming book editor. They seem to have everything: youth, looks, and good health. In addition, theyve just found the apartment of their dreams in a charming townhouse on the Upper East Side. And they couldnt ask for better landlords. The Waldwicks, the Brentners, and the Huggins all are in their late fifties, but have the vigor and youthfulness of people many years their junior. Their secret, they say, is strenuous exercise and the company of an energetic young couple. Kathy and Stuart are the third such couple to join their association. Almost immediately, Stuart is seduced by the buildings health regimen. He runs laps with the older folks in Central Park every morning, eagerly consumes their health food, and curtails his social life. At first, Kathy is skeptical. But soon she too becomes a convert, and never have they both felt better. Then, one of the other young couples in the building disappears overnight, and life at the townhouse is never the same again.