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Velvet Embrace: Volume 1 Velvet Gray

Velvet Embrace: Volume 1

Velvet Gray

Published May 30th 2014
Kindle Edition
133 pages
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 About the Book 

There’s nothing in the world quite like the female form. Its every curve delights, its smell entices. Before you know it you’re trapped, hungry for a taste. And once you’ve had that first taste you’re hooked, aching for more. You’ll always want to return to that warm wet embrace and suckle at the breast of sweet release. Velvet Embrace collects seven stories featuring thirteen gorgeous women, each one a unique window into female beauty.This collection contains: Coconut Milk, Nursing a Crush, French Connection, Obsession, Princess Brides, Bridal Boutique and Cheerleader SeductionExcerpt“You forgot to put the towel back!” When she wanted to, Willa could make herself heard.“Sorry. I’ll pass it to you.” Brand had put the old ones into the laundry hamper while cleaning and forgot to replace them on the drying bar. Maybe having things like a linen closet and a drying bar were the reason he didn’t meet women first.Getting a fresh one out of the closet he knocked on the bathroom door to let Willa know he was there.“Toss it in, I’ll pick it up.”Opening the door just a crack Brand reached his arm in and tossed. He tried not to look, he really did, he’d been raised better than that. But his shower curtain was clear and as he tossed he caught a glimpse. Just a glimpse at first but then his eyes drank in every detail of her.In her tight little workout cloths Willa was hot. Nude she was…sublimely vulgar. Her curves were generous and soft, hips and breasts inviting you to run you hands over them. Without a bra he could see just how heavy and beautiful her breasts really were, ripe and caped by light pink. The muscles of her arms legs were long and lean and tight. You wanted to kiss them and feel the steel under her velvet of her skin. Water flowed in and out of the slight curves of her well defined belly. Below it he could see the gate of heave itself. And her eyes, blue and clear as the summer sky…and staring right at him.