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Destroyermen: Korean Hangfire Richard Tennent

Destroyermen: Korean Hangfire

Richard Tennent

Published July 22nd 2012
Kindle Edition
310 pages
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 About the Book 

In DESTROYERMEN: KOREAN HANGFIRE, author Richard Tennent introduces two newly commissioned Ensigns to the facts of life on a navy destroyer engaged in intensive battle-action during the closing months of the Korean War. In dramatic action within a plot of developing characters, the author weaves an unforgettable story of competing human conflict and comradierie amidst fierce combat that would test the mettle of hardened warriors.The Korean War was in stalemate along a serpentine battle line. Yet deadly battles continued without let-up: the Communists attacking to take more land to enhance their bargaining position at the Panmunjom peace talks, and the United Nations counter-attacking to regain the land previously lost to the Communists. The United States attempted to break the impasse with a strong new offensive. The Communists responded with a new offensive of their own. The result was some of the worse fighting of the war.The author maintains the tightly crafted storyline from deadly combat to wardroom courtesies and back to war again with smooth artful transitions. The reader experiences the fears and jubilations of the battle-crew on an American warship. He becomes a member of the crew and suffers with the crew the sheer terror of battle, the grim challenge of a typhoon, and the exhilaration of survival.Calling upon his personal credentials of Navy Service to achieve remarkable authenticity, the author shepherds the reader through this microcosm of human conflict where a small group of young sailors from varied walks of life became that which legends spring. Repeatedly faced with their own mortality, they rose from simple beginnings to perform unrehearsed and unnoticed heroics, only to fade away in the long voyage of history. Still, for a brief moment here they live again for the reader to meet, for these are the sailors known simply as DESTROYERMEN.