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The Eagles Prey (Eagle, #5) Simon Scarrow

The Eagles Prey (Eagle, #5)

Simon Scarrow

Kindle Edition
480 pages
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 About the Book 

It is late summer 44 AD and the battle-weary Roman legions are in their second year of campaigning against the British tribes. The troops commander, General Plautius, is under considerable pressure from the emperor to crush the natives once and for all. Centurions Macro and Cato are with the crack Second Legion under the precarious leadership of Centurion Maximus and its their task to hold a ford across the river Tamesis when the natives are forced into a trap. But Maximuss nerve breaks at the critical point, allowing the enemy leader, Caratacus, and his men to escape. Outraged by this failure, General Plautius orders the decimation of the unit. Their choice: die, or escape to become a fugitive pursued by soldiers of their own ruthless army. Hiding from their former comrades, as well as the Britons, Catos small band of fugitives have only one chance to redeem themselves before they are hunted down like animals...