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The Chihuahua Handbook D. Caroline Coile

The Chihuahua Handbook

D. Caroline Coile

Published April 1st 2010
ISBN : 9780764143304
167 pages
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 About the Book 

The Chihuahua is bred in both smoothcoat and longcoat varieties, but because of their tiny size, both present special challenges in keeping them healthy and happy. This handbook discusses both varieties with advice on purchase, health care, feeding, training, grooming, and more. Titles in Barrons popular series of Pet Handbooks present comprehensive information and helpful advice from breeders, veterinarians, and other pet experts. These photo-illustrated books instruct on housing, feeding, health care, and where applicable, grooming and training. Barrons Pet Handbooks resemble Barrons alternate series, the Complete Pet Owners Manuals, but the Handbooks have a larger page count and contain more detailed information, advice, and instruction. Color photos throughout.