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Amy McWoodster Hana Mohideen

Amy McWoodster

Hana Mohideen

Published September 18th 2013
Kindle Edition
157 pages
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 About the Book 

For thousands of years, The Royal Family ruled the Kainwoods and the forests beyond it, protecting all animal species from potential dangers. As the years passed by, the peaceful cycle of life in Kainwoods began to change and life became a threat brought by the revolution perpetrated by the Deromixces. The Royal couple during this bloodthirsty war had to give away their newly born princess for adoption to a family who lived closer to Kainwoods in order to protect her from any harm from the Deromixces.Amelia McWoodster – popularly known as Amy – and her family return to their native country, Australia, from their long absence of nearly fifteen years. Amy finds herself in an extraordinary and exceptional situation as strange things starts to evolve.She lives with one dream on her mind: to find out what is beyond the boundaries of her known world. In her wildest dreams she walks into Kainwoods and has her own amazing adventure. But, on the very day she turns sixteen, the wildest dreams turns out to be even wilder as the spirits of the Kainwoods take her deeper into the forests, to encounter more unexpected dangers.And so she starts a journey of discovery and self-discovery, filled with excitement and danger. A world is waiting for her to be rescued, although she does not know it all until the end…