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IdioTsynchrasies Bert Bartz


Bert Bartz

Published June 20th 2012
Kindle Edition
131 pages
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 About the Book 

While staying abroad during her holidayas a guest of Lâle, the Visitor is beckoned each day, by the women from the summer houses, to break bread and provide a very specifi c form of entertainment. The Visitor is summoned by the women specifically for the purpose of relaying the stories of her four husbands. As the Visitor relies on Lâle and her daughters to translate the stories of each romance, marriage, heartbreak and divorce, she silently interweaves observations about her new friends against the backdrop of each husband and she mentally goes back in time to ponder loves that were lost. The women beg for all details as the Visitor conveys experiences of emotion, passion, and sexual freedom- experiences which seem to be elusive to her new friends - or has the Visitor underestimated these women? What the Visitor has not told Lâle is that the holiday has also brought a hot new and clandestine romance. Could this be husband number five?