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Tickly Octopus Clumsy Crab Ruth Galloway

Tickly Octopus Clumsy Crab

Ruth Galloway

Published 2007
28 pages
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 About the Book 

This clever 2 in 1 book looks at the tales of tickly octopus and clumsy crab. At the front of the book we see tickly octopus who loves tickling his friends! But his friends don’t like to be tickled and when he tickles oyster she drops her pearl! Tickly octopus chases after the pearl and along the way realises all the other things he can do apart from tickle, he can ink, he’s fast and he can squeeze into tight spaces. After getting oysters pearl back he says he won’t tickle again because he has all these news things he can do.When we get to the middle of the book we flip it around and find the story of Clumsy Crab, a friend of tickly Octopus! Unlike all his friends Nipper the crab has these big claws that get in the way of everything! He can’t play with bubbles because he pops them, he can’t race after his friends because he’s too slow moving sideways and when they played hide and seek he smashed the shell he was hiding in! Nipper wishes he didn’t have such big claws! But when they hear Octopus crying because he’s stuck in the sea weed and none of the other animals can help Nipper uses his claws to free Octopus!This book would be good in a key stage one class either at class story time or for independent reading as the book being 2 in 1 with the stories relating would make an interesting read, with the turning of the book also being interactive. This book could also be good for introducing young children to the topic of under the sea as the books look at the octopus the crab, seaweed, coral and all the different types of fish found which could be then looked at in further detail. Both stories also have good underlying messages, Tickly Octopus shows that if people don’t like you doing something to them don’t do it as it can have bad consequences and Clumsy Crab shows that even if you don’t think you have a talent or don’t like something about yourself it will always be good for something. Both of these are key messages for children in primary school. I really enjoyed reading this book with it tales and colourful pictures!