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Return Of The Great Goddess Mary Anne Halton

Return Of The Great Goddess

Mary Anne Halton

ISBN : 9780717122547
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 About the Book 

Offering a diverse array of images and words, from prehistory to present day, the mission of this genuinely inspired volume is to remind women of their spiritual heritage, innate wisdom, the integrity of the female body, and its rites of passage. Prehistoric artifacts are juxtaposed with modern art, ancient verse with contemporary poetry. Painting, sculpture, photography, film, and performance art portray the goddess in all her roles: creator and destroyer of life, fertility figure, and ruler of love and wisdom. Included are an ancient Egyptian sculpture of Isis suckling Horus and Judy Chicagos The Crowning, a graphic needlepoint of a woman giving birth. Paired with literary excerpts from Sappho, Emily Dickinson, and other writers, this multicultural celebration of the myriad expressions of womanhood reflects the ongoing influence and presence of goddesses.