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The Color of Love Ruth V. Weidig

The Color of Love

Ruth V. Weidig

ISBN : 9781592860159
277 pages
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 About the Book 

Andrew Jackson, a Negro pediatrician, wants to take a wife and return to his native land, Jamaica, to learn of his heritage and to open a private practice. He falls in love with Maggie Donovan, a Caucasian clinic nurse, who is hesitant to cross societys social barrier. Their lives are endangered when an escaped convict threatens Doctor Jackson and holds Maggie hostage. Maggie prays for the day she finds her Mister Right. She wants to escape from the Brooklyn housing project and shed the responsibility of her alcoholic mother who suppresses her well-guarded secret with spirits. Because Maggie is barren, she refuses to marry Andrew. When she falls in love with an abandoned baby brought to the clinic, Maggie does the unthinkable. What shocking event takes place to prompt Maggies mother to give her daughter her heartfelt blessings?