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The Hunted Darrell Maloney

The Hunted

Darrell Maloney

Kindle Edition
231 pages
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 About the Book 

At last, the much awaited sequel to last year’s blockbuster hit, “A Secret Life.”Tony Hance was a good kid, two years out of high school and grappling with his future. He had a job, and while it wasn’t glamorous, it paid his bills and kept him in shape. He had a loving family and great friends. The Vietnam War was finally over, and the country was more concerned with disco dancing than fighting wars.Life was good.But things sometimes change in a hurry, and one bad decision can sometimes destroy a future.Sharon was a looker who accepted Tony’s advances a bit too quickly. A man with more experience might have seen that as a red flag. But Tony was still innocent and naïve to many of the ways of the world. He considered Sharon not as a threat, but as a lonely woman who wanted his company, and he was more than happy to oblige.It was over in a flash in a seedy motel room. A drunken Tony was attacked from behind by Sharon’s partner and hit in the head. When it was over, Sharon and her partner both lay dead by Tony’s hand. He panicked, and he ran.His brother Mark was the first to find him, at a military base just outside of Anchorage. The FBI was not far behind him. But as the authorities closed in on him, Tony was able to slip through their grasp. It was only temporary, he knew. But it bought him enough time to disappear into the Alaskan wilderness. Mark helped Tony get away, assuming his brother’s identity when boarding a jet back to Seattle, and drawing the feds with him.Then the trail went cold. The FBI assumed Tony landed in Seattle and then disappeared into parts unknown. His family knew he was still in Alaska, but not exactly where.And Tony did his level best to disappear from everybody.Here, in “The Hunted,” is Book 2 of the series.