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The Artemis Connection David Di Paolo

The Artemis Connection

David Di Paolo

Published November 14th 2014
ISBN : 9780990559634
284 pages
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 About the Book 

She doesnt believe in ghosts. She doesnt believe in witches or curses or spells. The doctor doesnt believe in anything that science cant explain, but Diana Valleverde is about to learn that knowledge is an evolving proposition. Her research into brain function is uncovering secrets within the mind, but none like the one kept hidden from her since before she was born. When her brother, a curator at the university museum, gives her a family keepsake from their recently deceased grandmother, Diana begins a journey that will take her from Pennsylvania to Milan and the Italian Alps, to discover what lies hidden inside and what has caused her recent affliction by what she knows must be sleep paralysis attacks, a frightening condition in which she awakens, unable to move or cry out, with the overwhelming sense something unseen is suffocating her. There must be a medical explanation for these attacks. There must be . . . Right?