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Belasets Daughter Feona J Hamilton

Belasets Daughter

Feona J Hamilton

Published January 1st 2001
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 About the Book 

England, 1264: as Simon de Montfort and his fellow Barons challenge Henry IIIs arrogant conviction of the divine right of kings to rule, the country moves inexorably t owards civil war. In the little town of Lewes in Sussex, Judith, daughter of Belaset, seeks revenge for the massacre of her family and other Jews by de Montfort. As a trusted messenger between the King and his loyal followers, she is asked to act as go-between for King Henry and William Foville, Prior of St Pancras in Lewes. Judith seizes the opportunity to strike one last blow against de Montfort before her wedding to Aaron of London. The castle in Lewes overlooks the little town, as it has done since the Conqueror gave the land to William de Warenne. Jervis FitzHugh, squire to Williams descendant John de Warenne, longs for adventure, and for the hand of Madeleine de Tourney. His longings are both fulfilled, but in a most unexpected way. Judith, Aaron, Jervis and Madeleine all become closely intertwined in a way that none of them could have foreseen. Far from a simple journey to France and back, Judith finds herself facing danger and deceit, as de Montforts followers do all they can to prevent the message getting through. Help comes from the Kings supporters, in England and in France, and from other more unexpected quarters. When the inevitable happens, and the Battle of Lewes is fought, Judiths work is done. BUT - could it have really happened? Yes, it could! Most of the characters in the book really existed, and the historical accuracy of the events of the time have been carefully researched and verified by the author. BELESETS DAUGHTER is a 2002 Eppie Award finalist. For an author bio and photo, reviews and areading sample, visit bosonbooks.com.