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Mrs. Christ Jeffery Mullins

Mrs. Christ

Jeffery Mullins

Published June 1st 2007
ISBN : 9781602665750
124 pages
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 About the Book 

As we seek a living relationship with God, we must first know His Son. Mrs. Christ brings deeper revelation of who the Son of God is: His role as a husband to His bride and the spiritual tie that binds us to Him. Was the institution of marriage ordained for the union of Christ and the Church? Are we to learn of our heavenly husband through the same intimacy shared between man and wife? Is the Church truly the Mrs. of the One who sets by the right hand of the Throne of God? These questions are answered in this journey to understanding the institution of marriage and its role in connecting us to our Savior. Jeff Mullins is a freelance writer. He and his wife, Robin, founded Ascended Life Ministries and the website mrschrist.com. Broken, hopeless and dying in a prison cell, Mrs. Christ was written while Jeffs life was miraculously transformed through the revelation of Gods passionate love for His Bride. He and Robin live in Colorado with their two daughters.